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Virtual Labs launched

[21 March 2015] Update: The original URLs for the Software Engineering and Advanced Network Technologies Virtual Labs are temporarily not working. You can access these labs here: and The Virtual Labs project has been formally launched today. This is a day perhaps many of us have been waiting for long. The Virtual Labs is an ambitious project undertaken by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) program. This project, I believe, has the potential to bring considerable improvement in science and engineering education in India. The world has changed, and learning (or teaching) is no more confined to the traditional books. Rapid progress in technologies and increasing accessibility to Internet gives ample scope to gain clear understanding of the subject matter. However, something still lacked there. Conten

A Simple Epidemic Routing Scenario

Today, we will play around a bit with the ONE simulator, specifically with the Epidemic routing protocol. We will simulate two scenarios and look at the results. Detailed analysis of the results are left out for the time being. Parameters Here are few common parameters for the simulations. Group.movementModel = RandomWaypoint Group.msgTtl = 300 (5 hours) MovementModel.worldSize = 450, 340 Scenario.endTime = 14400 (4 hours) Stats are collected from MessageStatsReport from a single run.