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A Difference Between Routing in Internet and DTN

A key difference that can be observed between Internet and DTN routing is that Internet routing is based on packet forwarding. Whereas in DTN, routing mostly involves message replication. A node in DTN, which wants to transfer a message to the other node in contact, creates a copy of that message and forwards that * copy * to the other node. This process is repeated at every (or limited # of) node(s) until the message reach its destination. In Internet it is only the sender who buffers the message until an acknowledgement is received from the other end of the connection. Epidemic and Spray-and-Wait are two popular DTN routing protocols using such principle. Epidemic protocol replicates the message at every node it comes in contact with. Spray-and-Wait imposes certain limit on the # of replications to be done.

Congestion Control in DTN

How severe is the effect of congestion in case of Delay Tolerant Networks? I understand that DTN is still evolving, with very less number of real life applications. But did any of them suffer from network congestion? If so, what they did to avoid / control it?

The ONE Tutorial (Moved)

Contents Introduction Why? Target Audience Pre-conditions The Scenario General Steps Configuration File(s) Specify Scenario Settings Specify Network Interfaces for Nodes Create a Group of Nodes Specify Motion Patterns Specify Traffic Pattern Specify Reports to be Generated Running the Simulation The ONE tutorial has moved to a new page. Please click here to follow. Introduction Opportunistic Network Environment is a Java-based simulator targeted for research in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs)/Opportunistic Mobile Networks (OMNs). Apart from letting a user to simulate different scenarios quickly and in a flexible manner, it also provides an easy way to generate statistics from the simulation performed. ONE can be run on Linux, Windows, or any other platform supporting Java. Details about ONE, including how to download and run, can be found from the official site . A list of common questions and their answers are listed here . Read more »